April 28, 2013

More blogservations on growth

A few days ago I wrote about how I was doing something wrong on my blog and I wasn't sure what it was.  The problem, is that I don't get traffic like I think is possible.  Perhaps that is hubris, but I don't think so.  I know there are some changes ahead that I need to make in order to more consistently get traffic to my blog. But I came across something that is relevant and telling on Legal Insurrection (a great blog worth reading regularly).  Since it tied in to my point before, I thought I'd share what Professor William Jacobson had to say on the subject of blog growth in the conservative blogsophere. He notices some problems with the empire building and empire protection  mentality in the blog universe.

Here are some of the more salient observations, but I'd urge you to read the full article, as well as the linked articles if you are a persistent conservative blogger who feels at times like you are banging your head against the wall trying to grow your blog.
I previously have posted about doom and gloom for the small conservative blogosphere, first in response to a post by John Hawkins about how bloggers need to go big or go home, Is there a place for me?

Later as to what I was sensing leading up to and after the 2012 election, Whither small conservative blogs?:
When I first started blogging in 2008, there was a vibrant group of small independent conservative blogs, many if not most composed of newbies like me…. We survived emotionally on the kindness of bigger blogs which generously spread not just traffic, but more important, attention….

There is no way Legal Insurrection could have grown without the help of others. I have done my best to pay back that kindness by spreading links to smaller conservative blogs.

I’ve noticed a change.

There has been a corporatization and consolidation of the conservative blogosphere, and the kindness to strangers seems to be waning.
Professor Jacobson has always been generous to other smaller blogs and it is an admirable quality.  He's linked to this blog in his blogroll.  If that doesn't scream magnanimity then I don't know what does.  But he points out something I hadn't considered consolidation may have been a hindrance to smaller blogs, many of whom cam later to the political blogosphere than some smart or lucky enough to get in prior to the wave of conservatives who got started in reaction to a liberal progressive president. Like me.  I've always been political - well, since I was a kid - but I didn't blog until 2008. But according to an insightful post from John Hawkins on Right Wing News, I'm outta luck.  I might as well stick a fork in my blog, it's done.

The insight is helpful, if not somewhat distressing. If you like my blog, you'll be pleased to know that I'm stupid enough not to give up.  In fact, next fall my blog turns 5 years old.  I am not only going to continue (I've extended the domain name for two more years), I have set some goals for SEO, site redesign (yet again) marketing efforts and also some benchmarks that I want to achieve. Meanwhile, the blog post that I posted here that has still less than 100 pageviews, is approaching 3000 views on Left Coast Rebel, and I don't even consider it one of my better posts.  That result is encouraging if not somewhat baffling.

Oh Well.

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