December 21, 2012

Mayan Apocalypse Check-In

It's been a bit longer than I'd like since I've posted - I've been busy with family stuff and getting ready for Christmas.  But I thought it'd be worth checking in and letting you know that I'm still here and as far as this portion of the planet goes, the Mayan Apocalypse has not yet happened.

Not happening.
On the downside, my PVR is freezing up today, but hey, that's nothing to worry about unless I end up missing something worth recording.

Also, not happening.
Barring some global catastrophe in the next 11+ hours (or even fewer in the Eastern Hemisphere) I'll be back soon to talk about the real threat - the fiscal apocalypse better (but inaccurately) known as the fiscal cliff.

You might not get to see Emilio Estevez fighting a demonic clown truck, but you might see a significant, personal financial impact that you won't be happy with.  It will go beyond the fiscal budget.  It will mean giving up something tangible and personal.  And if you don't choose, as a nation something specific to cut back on, the choice will be made for you by elected representatives and it won't be pleasant.

Apologies for the tangent. Enjoy the rest of the Mayan Apocalypse.

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