December 11, 2012

A Re-org is in Order

I've been both too busy and too tired to blog the way that the epic win of socialism in the United States this past November has demanded. As far too many people in the United States seem content to soak their realities in a political morphine as the country drifts into a coma.  The country more than ever needs people explaining the problem to those who have become addicted to the easy answers and the false ring of the claim that nothing is terribly wrong.  The country needs a wake-up call.

My voice should be one of the many harping on that message, but my day job - survival - keeps getting in the way.  Maybe I should just keep quietly going about my own efforts at bettering myself in hopes that as America and the rest of the Western world succumb to socialism, China, debt, decaying morality and increasingly bold and aggressive national adversaries, I can further my relative position as compared to those who wish to live off the government's phony largess.  When the time comes, a socialist government will need people who can do things as much as any capitalist government does.  But, that's not my motivation. 

I'm interested in halting the decay. I want to leave the world for my children in better shape than I got it handed to me.  That doesn't mean a world where nobody works and everything is easy and every product is made in China.  That's a fantasy world.  A better world is one that is safer, more secure, and the possibility for success for everyone is greatly improved.  Oh, and a note for you socialists - success by one person is a shared success.  It creates jobs and wealth that can be taxed, and reduces dependency on the soul-sucking institution of government.

As I said, I've been really busy in my daily life.  On top of that, I've has some ideas about re-arranging and re-organizing my blog into a more user-friendly format.  Maybe that will help. I hope it will.  So here's my plan.  Over the rest of 2012 posting will be a bit sporadic, but will indeed continue.  That's unfortunate since I have over a dozen good post ideas that I've been sitting on with just a handful of notes to remind me about what I've been itching to write about.  Long, tangent-riddled story short - I'm going to try to focus on the housekeeping aspects a bit more for the next few weeks so I can hit the ground running in 2013.  But I will keep posting where I can this month.

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