July 19, 2012

Romney Strikes Back

I'm not the biggest fan of Mitt Romney, but he's the only horse conservatives have in the race for the presidency. After a successful early June and an equally abysmal period for president Obama, the tide shifted back towards Obama in the latter half of that month and early July. Ceaseless character attacks and false arguments by the president, along with a significant ad buy advantage have had their effect.

It's about time Mitt Romney strikes back.  Happily, that seems to be the case.

The president's approach seems to be to try to win the race in the first quarter mile. That can be a winning strategy if done effectively.  If he makes Romney look unpalatable enough early enough and often enough, maybe Romney won't be able to recover.  Then again, if the Romney out-raising Obama for funds meme is true (and that is still a big 'if'), then a failure to gain traction will be a big blunder for Obama, as they close in on the home stretch with Romney holding a big money advantage, having held back while Obama's character attacks failed to take hold.

Having been effectively on offense weeks back, Romney though, seemed to be caught a bit flat-footed by the Obama barrage.  That's not a good sign for the Romney campaign, but to their credit, they seem to have finally regained their sense of the landscape and Romney has come out strongly with this clip, indicating he has an answer for the Obama offensive, and it's pretty good.  He's combining Obama's 'government solves everything' mentality with his attacks on success into a well honed message.

That's pretty effective as a sound bite, and as a theme as well.  Like I said, I'm not a big fan of Romney, but he's got his game together and he's striking back, by saying the right things.  Unless he takes this sort of advice, he's the better option for America, for now.


  1. The only thing Mittens could do better is to get Newt out there as a surrogate. Tear 'em up Mad Max Mittens!


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