June 16, 2012

Today's Tidbits

Some interesting stuff from around the web today(ish).  Without further preamble, let me launch right into it.

Quote of the week: William Teach at RWN summarizes the president's latest 'policy' speech succinctly  as more of the same old Obama pattern:
This was simply part of the Obama presidency pattern: When the going gets tough, Obama gives a speech. Which assigns Blame to everybody and anything but Obama. Throws a few well worn ideas that have already been shown to be losers out on the table telling Someone Else to actually do the hard work in implementing them while he runs off to yet another fundraiser.
 Solutions it would seem, are still above Obama's pay grade.

Henrick Kemp at the Enterprise Blog has an Electoral College pseudo-prediction (I'm not sure how convinced he is by his own numbers) of Romney 338 - Obama 200.  Wouldn't it be nice?

King Shamus addresses his reluctant embrace of RINOs everywhere in a great read.
It’s time the conservative movement does the same thing. Let us come to grips with Romney’s faults, then figure out ways to ameliorate them after November. No matter how much we squint our eyes, read Ayn Rand novels and make wistful wishes on our Dick Cheney action figures, Mitt will never be Ronald Reagan. But if we politely and constantly encourage him to avoid candy ass moderation, he might be able to pull America out of the Euro-squish death spiral.
I agree whole-heartedly.  With Romney in the White House and a solid GOP majority in Congress and hopefully the Senate, Tea Party protests will not be ignored as they are by the current administration.  Romney, as he has demonstrated, is a sail - he's led by the prevailing wind.

Pajamas Media on the loss of wealth under Obama:

An Ol' Broad is going through some stuff that is keeping her from posting with which I can completely identify. Yet she still weighs in with some pithy commentary on everything from Eric Holder to China to Syria to Michelle Obama's dresses.

Over at Left Coast Rebel, where I post (not enough of late, admittedly), Right Klik is all over the media being all over a reporter who DARED to question the president's immigration policy.

A Cop's Watch also notices the media's attempt to resuscitate the president's chances of re-election by his attempt to woo back Latino voters.  He also notes he doesn't expect the trial balloon to fly.

The Last Tradition takes fellow Latinos to task for possibly falling for the Obama ruse of suddenly at this late day being all interested in the immigration issue again.
Obama wasn’t thinking about you or the Dream Act. He and the Democrats takes the Latino vote for granted figuring that you will always be there when they come around, around election type and either pull the race card or announce a TEMPOARY amnesty plan for some illegals. This is supposed to motivate the Latino community to jump up and say, “Look what Obama did for us!” They think that you’re stupid and not paying attention. If you want to support Obama then that’s your business. My only question to my fellow Latinos,

Where is your pride?
Finally, Capitalist Preservation has a funny poll about which actors should portray Obama and Biden in a movie.  Go vote for a laugh.

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