June 15, 2012

Conservative Culture

One of the things I find frustrating as a conservative is the lack of a conservative cultural icons in America.  When George Clooney hosts an event for President Obama, it doesn't phase me.  George Clooney has about as much geo-political and economic insight as an oak cabinet.  His 'insight' is not really all that valuable, he's not going to change my mind. Nevertheless, as part of a barrage of liberal entertainment media, he does have an impact on some impressionable voters.  

The problem is conservatism isn't viewed as cool.  Steady and successful doesn't compete well with flashy - all steak doesn't always beat all sizzle.  Conservatism can use some sizzle.  I've always maintained that conservatism needs to expend some effort on the coolness factor.  The good news is that despite having a long way to go, those efforts are at least underway.  Conservative artists, conservative media icons and conservative efforts at comedy, youtube videos, and twitter discussion are not inconsequential - they are starting to matter.

Recently I came across RightPosters and I thought it served as a great example of a way for people to proclaim their conservatism in a culturally relevant way.  Whether it's taking a liberal icon and turning the image on it's head or simply putting some coolness into a conservative idea, the posters work.  It's one more example of  conservatives trying to make a cultural  impact in a pro-capitalism way.  There are some really cool posters there and they are a way to express your conservatism to those around you and help make a difference in the culture war that conservatives have always fought from a defensive position.  Perhaps we have only taken baby steps so far, but they are steps nonetheless.  This sort of effort should be supported and encouraged, and engaged on a personal level.

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