April 5, 2012

The Joys of Middle Age, America.

Middle Age. A time of onset of countless maladies that can plague the otherwise healthy. Decreasing vision. Increasing lethargy and low energy.  Pains start where none existed before. Things you once enjoyed now cause problems.  Things that were elastic and tight are now loose and unresponsive.

All of that gets coupled with a fondness for times past - glory days - when everything was better. It also comes with a realization that very possibly, the best days have passed by.

Middle age can be a time of increasing wealth but often it is a time of unexpected economic struggle. Often things you could accomplish with ease can be done faster, cheaper, and more efficiently by someone younger, hungrier and with more gusto than you. It makes that economic precipice all the more dangerous.

It would seem by that definition that perhaps the United States of America have reached middle age.  Pretty much all of the above apply to America. Can a country reach middle age? Most countries that have been great powers have reached an apex have then waned. Perhaps it is the nature of nations to rise and fall. Perhaps America is no different.

But there may be exceptions. China for example long since a great power has been dormant but may be re-emerging as a powder. But that may not be the best example. America truly is unique and may be the exception to the national middle age rule.

Other nations have great resources and lots of land. Other nations have lots of people. Even a few other nations have diverse populations with different attributes to contribute to society. None really have all these things like America. But that's not even the unique advantage. The United States has its unique advantage in how it values the individual - their liberty, their rights, their ability to contribute and prosper. 

In that lies America's natural immunity to middle age. That mix of attributes allows for a dynamic society that adjusts and evolves with the times. Of course that natural immunity can be overcome with the vigorous application of statism, wealth re-distribution and abhorrence of individual rights as opposed to collectivist protectionism.

America has reached middle age thanks to progressive agendas. It can continue to age or it can reverse that momentum and be the exception. But you don't get to be the exception by being like everyone else. Now is the time to decide. 

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