April 2, 2012

Invitation to Left Coast Rebel

Tim at Left Coast Rebel has invited me to cross-post my posts there.  I'm flattered, and looking forward to the opportunity.  It's especially surprising since I'm not on the Left Coast, and I'm not exactly sure how they are defining Rebel, but I don't consider myself one.  Moreover, I'm not even an American, though I truly wish I were.  I'm stuck in Canada with the 40' snow drifts, seal meat and igloos. Hopefully you don't take that view of Canada seriously.  

In fact right now there are a lot of good things about being in Canada. We have a conservative government.  Our debt to GDP ratio is roughly 35% compared to roughly 100% in the United States.  Our government is trying to cut debt and reduce taxes.  We're interesting in producing domestic oil. As a nation we seem to have, at least temporarily, learned from years of progressive liberalism and borderline socialism and unlike the United States, we're headed in the right direction.

Nevertheless, I'd love to become an American citizen someday.  The United States is indeed the last bastion of liberty and truly the land of opportunity.  The United States is the greatest model of government design ever produced.  The Constitution is a true wonder, a work of brilliance. Americans are blessed with a solid notion of rugged individualism, an unequaled sense of nation pride and they typically carry the courage of their convictions. At least that's how it used to be.

If I am ever to become an American, I want it to be as an American in a nation that still possesses that greatness, not a watered-down European liberal-socialist also-ran nation that so many in the country seem either enthusiastic about or just resigned to accept.

Why am I so happy to be cross-posting at Left Coast Rebel?  Aside from the opportunity itself, it is because I believe in what the bloggers there believe in.  I share their views on quite a lot of things.  Those views are the ones that encapsulate the true opportunity and spirit of America.  Their views are those which would ensure America's continued greatness.  I mentioned that I do not consider myself a rebel.  Standing on the shoulders of giants like Jefferson, Paine, and Madison, it is not our place to rebel.  But were America to become what Saul Alinsky, Barack Obama, Bill Ayers and their ilk envision, I would certainly consider myself a rebel.  America is still great and free, though those labels are endangered.  For now, I'd prefer to be recognized as a defender of liberty, while it still exists.  Let's hope that it never becomes necessary to truly be a rebel.

Cross-posted here.


  1. Dean: I'm really happy to have you on the team; I think your vision for America (as a Canadian) is unique. Here's to you being an American one day and bringing this nation back to what it can, should and will be.

  2. Congrats Dean! A lot of really talented and dedicated people contribute to Left Coast Rebel. You're a great fit.


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