January 29, 2012

Weekend Link Around (2 of 2)

Zoomed in perspectives.
More goodness in your weekend reading.  Continued from here.  Please read these items from some terrific bloggers.


Club For Growth discusses Warren Buffett's faulty logic on wanting to be taxed more.  It's seeming more and more to me that it's about creating two classes of citizen using the tax code - capital gains tax payers and everyone else.  If you make $50 million in capital gains and $50,000 in regular income, who cares how how much tax you pay on the $50,000?  By taxing the latter at 95% you could prevent people from ever making it into the capital gains tax club.

A Conservative Teacher runs the numbers on Bush's job creation versus Obama's job destruction. It's exactly what you think, but it's good to see it in black and white.

Fredd says wake up and smell the oil. The obvious, re-stated very well.


Scottcarp Dream ruminates on government censorship

Diogenes' Middle Finger talks about an Oscar nod for Obama.

Left Coast Resistance has another spot on rant from Zo.

All American Blogger has a number of great links of his own, along with some Johnny Horton.

Right Klik talks about Hugo Chavez' daughter and her fist full of American cash. Such irony.

Angry White Dude talks about some Christian beheadings of Occupy Wall Street protesters.

Meanwhile Bonsai from the Right compares Tea Party versus Occupy Wall Street statistically.


  1. No problem DS! Good reading is worth sharing.

  2. Thanks for linking to my post! Nothing beats hard data to demonstrate how bad Obama has been for our nation.

  3. As I said to DS, good reading is worth sharing Conservative Teacher. And hard data is kind of hard to refute.


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