January 18, 2012

Obama re-kills Keystone pipeline

Really?  Think again.
President Obama had his hand called on the Keystone pipeline that he had hoped to stall until 2013, after the election.  The Republican congress tried to force his hand but president Obama has still found a way to stall which has been the primary objective all along.
In a decision sure to re-ignite a fierce energy debate, the Obama administration was announcing on Wednesday its rejection of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline because the 60-day deadline imposed by Republicans did not allow adequate time to review an alternate route through critical wetlands in the Midwest.

Deputy Secretary of State William Burns was to make the announcement on the project that would carry oil from Canada's carbon-heavy tar sands to refineries on the Gulf Coast and would indicate that TransCanada, the company seeking to build the $7 billion, 1,700-mile pipeline, will be able to reapply with a new route avoiding an ecologically sensitive area of Nebraska, sources told National Journal.
The president didn't miss the opportunity to blame the Republicans for his decision.  The National Journal is more than happy to carry his water in the wording;
Put more simply, the Obama administration is hitting Republicans back by saying no because of their forcing him to decide on the project in just 60 days. Republicans in Congress and on the campaign trail promptly painted the decision as a rejection of thousands of American jobs purely for political reasons.
Only 60 days? Firstly the pipeline proposal has been around far longer than 60 days.  Secondly what more information is possibly justifiably needed to make a decision.

It's your decision Mr. President, own it.  Stop saying it's above your pay grade. Don't blame Bush, Don't blame Republicans.  You made a tough decision (of course you made the wrong side of a tough decision) - so take ownership.  Either that, or come out and admit you are just stalling.


  1. Barry owns it.

    “Because the Only Good Progressive is a Failed Progressive”

  2. Speaking as a Canadian, I know the Prime Minister would much rather see Canadian oil sold to America than China but we can't wait forever for a potential 'yes' from a president who clearly puts politics ahead of national interest.

  3. That is exactly what he is doing

  4. Bob - you mean Harper or Obama? I was referring to Obama.


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