January 31, 2011

Three Branches, Three Stooges, Three Strikes?

Over the weekend, Chuck Schumer (Democrat) talked about the three branches of government on CNN - the President, the Senate and the Congress. To quote Sarah Palin, WTF???

Hey Chuck, here's a visual aid for you.

Clear?  It's not the Three Stooges, it's not the three ships Christopher Columbus came over to the New World in, and it's not the Three Strikes law.  In other words, dude, you forgot the Supreme Court.  Maybe it was wishful thinking on your part, but it was just wrong.  It's not like you are Chris Matthews and you happen to think the Panama Canal is in Egypt rather than Panama.  

What's my point? Are conservatives being petty?  Maybe in Chris Matthews' case because he's petty in that regard and tit-for-tat might feel good.  With regard to Matthews, it'd be nice to say okay, we can rise above hyper-partisanship, and overlook obvious speaking errors if you can do the same.  Whether it can happen is another question.

But in the case of Schumer, all his smugness aside, he REALLY should know better, and he should know the three branches of government.  That's like forgetting there's three strikes in baseball.  That's an error that's really confounding.  Let's hope Schumer can add some clarity as to why he said that, because a man in his position should know better.  A slip like that would lead you to believe he may have voted on the health care bill without reading it because it seems he like he hasn't read the Constitution.

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