January 19, 2011

Tea Party over?

Since conservatives made inroads by electing Republicans in Congress to 63 more seats than in the previous Congress, it seems things have let up in the progress towards rolling back progressivism. Recent polls out of AP/GFK and later Rasmussen have shown a softening of people's opposition to Obamacare. Sarah Palin's approval is down and President Obama's have crept upward. Conservative personalities have been blamed for the tragedy in Tucson. What happened?

Is it just a matter of having won, Republicans are back to being viewed as a part of the problem? Or is it part of a letdown after a big win - are we coasting after having stewed and grown ever more energized over the last two years?

That's possible. I argued right after the midterm election results that it was not time to let up, that a Tea Party rally the day of the swearing in of the new Congress would send a big signal to Democrats, Republicans the press and the people of America that this was not about partisanship but about common sense and responsive government. It's not too late. Tax Day is coming again, and there is still a need to keep the momentum up.

Where is the Tea Party now? It's course is not run out. Is the Tea Party over, or in remission until 2012? I hope not because liberalism and bad government decisions do not take a holiday.

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