January 26, 2011

Sputnik moment irony alert

The guy who killed NASA wants to use Sputnik as an analogy?  Really?  What a poor idea for a metaphor.  A Sputnik moment from the man who basically wants NASA defunded.  You know NASA, the one of only a few government or semi-NGO institutions that actually work, and was responsible for the major portion of the response to the real Russian Sputnik moment. Defund innovation at NASA so you can get better solar panels and that will solve everything.  This was no Sputnik moment speech.  This was a failblog moment.

Here I was thinking the irony and the duplicity had been lost on everyone but thankfully, no.  For example, Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit noticed the Sputnik metaphor fail.  As did Big Soccer and a number of others.
It`s heartening to see that so many people are smarter and have better memories than he gives them credit for having.


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