January 24, 2011

How soon we forget (who Obama really is)

Rasmussen's latest Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has to have conservatives scratching their heads. What has President Obama done to merit climbing approval ratings? Sure, you'd expect it from the in-the-tank polls out there propping up the President, but even the more even-handed Rasmussen is bearing out a Presidential surge.


What has the President done besides getting his butt kicked in the mid-terms? Is it that with a balancing Congress now, people in the middle are willing to give the President some more slack to see if he plays nicer? Is it a temporary spike resulting from the Giffords shooting and the vilification of the right by the mainstream media? Could it be his caving on the Bush tax cuts? Will it all be augmented by a bump from his sure-to-be-pablum-filled state of the union address?

I'm not sure. But it really is perplexing to see an unwarranted bump. That said I do think the spike need not be more than temporary. It remains to be seen if he can convince people that his softening towards the center is real. That will be hard to do if conservatives can continue to point out his far left agenda and show where it is still driving his decisions.

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