January 5, 2011

Hawaii Hive-0?

It's not really nefarious or even surprising, but Nancy Pelosi spent her waning days as House Speaker in Hawaii. Expensive, taxpayer-funded costs aside, what struck me was the timing.  The Hawaii Reporter article focused on the taxpayer expenses, but the following quote was most notable for me;
Her trip coincides with President Barack Obama’s nearly two-week family vacation in Hawaii.
Could they possibly be plotting political maneuvering for 2011? Yep.  It's no big deal but given that President Obama has supposedly been hands off the details of drafting legislation since becoming President (arguably he wasn't that involved beforehand either), it's interesting to ponder whether they discussed political machinations or agenda items or both.  Given the new dynamics of the GOP control of Congress, I suspect they had to focus on the former rather than the latter item.  So what did they come up with? It will be interesting to see where Pelosi tries to steer the Democrats going forward and determine whether the 'coincidental' Hawaiian vacations played a part.

To be fair, they apparently weren't  on the same island, but did they abstain from communicating?  I doubt it.

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