December 3, 2010

Unemployment at it's roots - Pelosi

So unemployment has climbed to 9.8%.  Are you still surprised at this point?  That is, assuming you are not one of the experts who keeps using the word unexpectedly to describe each and every rise.  Economists who expected the rate to remain flat at 9.6%, forgot to factor in the tweaking that undoubtedly was in place leading up to the mid-term elections.  It was probably closer to 9.8% for the last few months.  Of course that's just speculation on my part.

But I don't speak with the same level-headedness of say a Nancy Pelosi when it comes to unemployment.

With that 'unemployment creates jobs' and 'debt creates wealth' sort of mentality, I guess 'unexpectedly' really is the new normal.  This sort of mindset, typified by Pelosi, is at the root of all these problems.  It reminds me of that saying, 'the only job where you start at the top, is digging a hole'. The irony I'm sure, is lost on Pelosi.


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