August 31, 2010

Raining on the Democrats' parade

Tonight President Obama will announce mission accomplished on Iraq. Never mind that they never supported the mission. Never mind that they called it a failure prior to the surge that the President will now take credit for succeeding.

The real issue is that there is a significant chance (let's say 40%) that during Obama's tenure the violence in Iraq will flare up to such a point that the end of combat operations that the President just declared, won't really be the end of combat operations.

Keep in mind that the withdrawal of the last combat troops leaves 50,000 soldiers in Iraq. I guess they're the non-combat army platoons. Keep in mind also that the withdrawn troops are just across the border in Kuwait, available at a moment's notice. Maybe they know the risk of declaring something over too soon is dangerous.

Then again, if liberals were amenable to learning from history (in this case George Bush's early declaration of victory in Iraq), they'd be conservatives.

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