August 4, 2010

Obamacare's Death by 1000 cuts

Now that the voters of Missouri have overwhelmingly (71%) endorsed Proposition C on their primary election ballot, is Obamacare over?  No.  But this is merely an opening salvo in the war on ever more intrusive government.

Proposition C argued against the mandate to have health care.  Where the battle goes next is anybody's guess, but consider this; with over 2000 pages of legislation there must be hundreds of pages of possible challenges to it.  More lawsuits and ballot initiatives will follow.  Even if each successive counter-measure is defeated, Obamacare might end up bogged down in the courts for decades.  And if that happens, is it possible it never gets off the ground? Yes.

Does that mean Obamacare is doomed?  Hardly, but those 1000 cuts are sure to come, and combined, they just might be able to do enough to kill it.

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