August 25, 2010

Biden: We're moving in the right direction. Wrong.

Vice President Joe "BFD" Biden says we're moving in the right direction. Wrong Joe. Voters are moving in a 'right' direction, you are trying to move the country in a leftward direction.  That's not right.

The Democrats' blame Bush reminders to people about wanting to go back to how things were rings hollow. That is simply because it's not being nostalgic to want to go back to the unemployment levels under Bush. President Bush averaged 5.2% unemployment. In his last year, with the worst unemployment ratings, he averaged 5.9% Obama's average so far? 9.4% since January 2009. And he really didn't even take office until late January, which would push his average to 9.5%.

Going back to the unemployment numbers under Bush, look when they started to climb:

Strange - the declining unemployment rate stopped declining around the beginning/middle of 2007...right...after...the Democrats...took over...the legislature.  Hmmmmm.  You know what, maybe Biden is partly right.  Let's no go back to that.

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