August 25, 2010

Bed Bugs, Biden And Bureaucracy

Still not Biden.
Earlier I posted about blaming bed bugs on Biden. Aside from the sarcasm, and alliteration, there is an actual point that can be made about the 'sudden' bed bug outbreak. Why bedbugs? Why now? Blame the banning of DDT if you are looking for a human cause. But that's not the point. Some things just happen.

Bee populations are declining in North America. Killer bees are expanding northward still. West Nile virus hasn't gone away. Neither has malaria. Both are spread via mosquitoes. Asian long horned beetles are a problem too. The real question is not so much the cause of these issues, it's the solution. These problems are real, but what you don't want is a made-in-D.C. solution. Can you imagine a Department of Insects. There's some stimulus-driven jobs that would never go away. This is how bureaucracies get started. Unlike cancer, bureaucracies don't seem to ever go into remission.

If some one tells you that if we don't organize to combat this bed bug problem then the terrorists win, ask them to give their head a shake. Tell them that the marketplace will take care of the problems eventually, and it will do it more efficiently and effectively than a team of Obama's top men.

Honey bees dying out? The problem will be solved if there's demand for honey. Controlling mosquitoes, like mice, will always be on the market-driven improvement radar. Killer bees and Asian long horned beetles, if they become a pest enough, will drive some intrepid entrepreneur to invent some sort of cure. That works better than a dozen overpaid bureaucrats and one scientist any day.

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