August 8, 2010

Andrew Breitbart, evil genius?

Genius? Yes.  Evil? No.
Go take a look at Andrew Breitbart's Twitter account.  The background (currently at least) is very telling.  Andrew Breitbart helped back the breaking of the ACORN scandal and also was involved in the Shirley Sherrod 'scandal' where it appeared he came off as manipulative. At least on the surface.  But both the ACORN scandal and the Sherrod scandal had some method to their madness.

 In the former, Breitbart held back and released the footage of the various infractions one at a time, thereby allowing ACORN to comment on each individually and dig themselves in deeper because they didn't know what else might be coming out.  In the Sherrod case, Breitbart released enough to get the Obama administration to overreact far too quickly.  Perhaps they felt he was sitting on more just like in the ACORN case. Who knows, maybe he does.

Breitbart's site, Big Government (along with Big Hollywood, Big Journalism et. al.), helps keep the liberals honest wherever they are.  For those willing to do a little bit of connect the dots, he isn't exactly hiding it.  Take a look again at that Twitter background - it's Muhammed Ali at his most inventive.  It's the rope-a-dope. Very telling, especially considering that right now American politics is in the early rounds of it's own rumble in the jungle.  Andrew Breitbart is no evil genius.  He may be brilliant but he is fighting evil, not living it.

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