July 24, 2010

Weekend Reading

Sadly, I've been way too busy of late to post and I'm looking forward to the pace to slow down so that I can blog and also, just so I am not so darn busy.  I don't expect a slowdown for the next month or so, but I will try to manage a post or two per week at least while I'm busy.

In light of that, here's a great bunch of recent posts elsewhere worth checking out.

A Conservative Teacher ruminates about America losing geo-political wars - sad but true.

An Ol' Broad provides a poignant illustration of public housing and pride of ownership.  Ouch.

Charlie Rangel - re-electable but still an albatross around the neck of Pelosi. Waiting for the swamp to drain.

Mean Ol' Meany's take on intellectual dishonesty of the left on racism. Just a conservative girl sees that hypocrisy from the Shirley Sherrod flap last week and is rethinking her apology. I don't think Sherrod is any kind of a hero and I don't think she's as pure as she's being portrayed, especially in light of just a conservative girl's points.

Self Evident Truths - In government, we should not trust. Healthy skepticism, is by definition, healthy.

A Mosque at Ground Zero is more than just emotionally a bad thing, there's jihadist symbolism involved here that should simply not be tolerated. A Mosque in New York is one thing, but as a symbol of Islamic victory, at America's expense, is entirely another. Bonsai from the Right has the video. Teresamerica comments succinctly.

Marv Albert voice: "He gets rejected!" Strata-Sphere on the vast American rejection of liberal/progressive economic policies.

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