July 31, 2010

Saturday Reading

Some great reading from some lesser known conservative blogs, plus a well known blog or two.

It's getting crowded under the (Obama) bus. So says Liberty's Watchdogs.

Pruning the power of government begins with the imperial presidency. Investor's Business Daily is talking about a revolution???

Is America in for a stealth amnesty? Is President Obama ready to play chicken with the voting public again? Why not? He'd rather be a really good one term President than a mediocre two term President. The idea that he might be a lousy one term President might be dawning on enough Democrats that any sort of amnesty might be too much for them to play ball.

From Conservative Outlooks, MoveOn.org promotes NPR for Helen Thomas’ seat over FoxNews w/help of progressive cell phone company. No really.

Death By 1000 Paper Cuts has it's list of the top 100 conservative websites. Plus the near misses. In case you were wondering, I didn't make it, and neither did you. [If you were on that list, and are indeed reading this, feel free to call me out on it.]

FireAndreaMitchell has the audio from the Hannity-Weiner slug fest. It's not the Rumble in the Jungle, but you can't have that when one of the combatants is named Weiner.

Idiots4Obama supports the comments from Phyllis Schlafly, because she's speaking truth to power. (When will that phrase finally die a gruesome death)?

Impeach Them All on the Islam of the Atheists - Bolshevism.

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