July 29, 2010

Democrats to Campaign for the GOP

The Democrats are apparently preparing to paint the GOP as the 'Republican Tea Party'.  With campaigning like that, they might save the GOP some campaign financing.

From CNN:
A DNC source tells CNN that committee chairman Tim Kaine and Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the DNC's vice-chairman, as well as several other members of Congress, will introduce what they call the "Republican-Tea Party Contract With America."
It's part of a strategy by the White House and the Democratic party to define the upcoming midterm elections a choice for voters, between what they say are the polices of President Barack Obama and congressional Democrats that are moving the country forward, compared to the failed policies of the GOP. Republicans hope to make November's contests a referendum on the Obama agenda, which they say is taking the country down the wrong path.
"The Tea Party is now the most potent force in Republican politics and with the recent launch of the Tea Party Caucus on Capitol Hill garnering the support of Republican leaders like NRCC Chair Pete Sessions and Republican Caucus Chair Mike Pence – the Tea Party is now an institutionalized part of the Republican party," says the DNC source.
To which I'm sure the GOP must be thinking 'bring it on'. It's not the sterling quality of 'blame Bush', but they must think it's going to work.  The article goes on to say the DNC will unveil a ten point blue print on how they claim the "Republican-Tea Party" would govern if they win.  Indeed such a claim will no doubt include tales of class warfare, corporate toadyism and a return to completely unregulated markets that were out of control under Bush. 

I still say the GOP welcomes it because it seems just as easy to counter as blaming Bush.  But then again, the Democrats have nothing to go to voters on.  They seem completely unwilling to campaign on Obamacare.

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